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Available at the PSGH secretariat
  • British National Formulary 
    Book by Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and British Medical Association
  • The British National Formulary is a pharmaceutical reference book that contains a wide spectrum of information and advice on prescribing and pharmacology, along with specific facts and details about medicines.
  • PSGH CLOTH and other materials
  • Available at the PSGH Secretariat

  • List of Pharmacists in Good Standing as at October 2017
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    Why should a pharmacist be in good standing with the PSGH?

    Under the Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (NRCD 143), professional bodies must register with the Registrar General Department of Ghana. This law protects the public from hazardous services provided by pharmacists not in good standing with the professional umbrella of pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH). Under this law it is an offense and liable on summary conviction to imprisonment, a fine or both if a person or a professional in bad standing with a professional body holds himself out as a registered member. By extension, since the PSGH is the only body of pharmacists registered under the said law, a person commits an offense if “not having the qualification for admission to or enrollment in or for being accepted as a member of, such a body [PSGH] [but] knowingly represents that he has such qualification.”

    Additionally, being in good standing with the PSGH is a prerequisite for obtaining or renewing a pharmacist's license with the Pharmacy Council of Ghana, the regulatory body charged with pharmacy practice standards enforcement.

    Pharmacists in good standing with the PSGH have full access to all the services of the association. This includes but not limited to cutting-edge continuous professional development materials as well as all welfare packages.



    How do I identify a pharmacist who is in good standing?

    We use this section to aid the public and our members to check from firsthand, pharmacists currently in good standing with the PSGH. This enables us to identify quacks posing as pharmacists. It is an offense under Ghana's laws, specifically, Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, Part 4, Section 110 for any person to pose or profess as a pharmacist without being registered under the law governing pharmacy practice. To check if a pharmacist is in good standing, kindly click on the link below:

    Pharmacists in Good Standing as at October 2017