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The Society is governed in accordance with its Constitution and Bye-laws. Members are also bound by a code of ethics.

The highest decision making body is the Annual General Meeting. Between Annual General Meetings, power is vested in a 27-member Governing Board,  eight(8) of who are elected by the General Assembly every two (2) years. The rest are ex-officio members representing various Wings, Practice and Interests groups within the profession.

The eight (8) elected members  together with the Executive Secretary (appointed by the Governing Board) constitute the Standing Executive Committee (SEC) responsible for the day to day running of the Society but whose decisions are subject to ratification by the Governing Board.

The Nine (9) Member Standing Executive Committee (SEC) is composed of:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Honorary Treasurer
  4. Editor
  5. Four (4) Elected Executive Members
  6. Executive Secretary


The Society is organized from its National Headquarters currently located at Baatsonaa, near Victory Bible Church, Spintex Road Accra.

It has a permanent staff  headed by an Executive Secretary who is a Pharmacist.

The other members of staff are:

  1. Pharmacist (Administrator)
  2. Accounts Officer
  3. Secretary
  4. Dispatch Clerk
  5. Cleaner/Messenger
  6. Security Officer

The National Secretariat also engages the services of National Service Persons to assist in the running of its programmes.

The Secretariat houses an adequately stocked library for the use of members.