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Why I will attend AGM 2018 || Yvonne Addy
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Yvonne Addy


Community is strength. A professional career, like any facet of life, is beset with many difficulties and challenges, and again like any facet of life the individual must draw strength from the wisdom and support of a community in order to forage forward. PSGH-AGM represents, to me, the gathering of like-minded intellectuals who belong to the noble profession of pharmacy in order that they may lend their strength to the solution of the problems that plague the practise of pharmacy. PSGH AGM, to me, means community, it means strength!

The PSGH AGM means to me the opportunity to strengthen my ties and connections to the community of pharmacists in Ghana. The PSGH AGM is a means to develop social and professional connections. It is a means to reconnect with old classmates and lost friends while providing the opportunity of making new connections such as new friends and/ or new business partners. PSGH AGM always brings with it many experts who present fresh ideas and insights to improve business and practise. I am particularly looking forward to seeing ideas on how to combat the menacing abuse of “tramol” and “codeine” that is on the rise in Ghana.

The PSGH AGM is an opportunity to refresh, relax and recharge your batteries. It is quite often the case that being bogged down with the daily requirements of pharmacy practise can drain the individual. It can drain the individual of inspiration and motivation. The PSGH AGM provides the perfect solution, there is contact with other motivated individuals whose verve and drive can re-inspire drained professionals, with this comes the sharpening of focus again and this is helped even further by the experts present at the PSGH AGM that introduce new techniques of pharmacy practise and business. All these serve to reignite the childlike curiosity that led me to the field of pharmacy.

The PSGH AGM has always been a well-planned conference where key issues facing the pharmaceutical community are discussed, dissected and solutions drawn up. This is by no means a boring conference., Oon the contrary, PSGH AGM is full of fun and mentally stimulating activities suitable both for its youthful and aged participants. This year, I am particularly excited for the PSGH AGM because of its venue:; Ho Technical University, Volta Region.  It gives me the opportunity to explore further the beauty and diversity of Ghana by providing a long-desired avenue to visit the Volta Region, which incidentally happens to represent a part of my lineage.

The pharmacy practise is rewarding and fun and the PSGH AGM epitomises this. Let us come together to find strength to tackle the challenges that face us in our professional pursuits, let us come together to be rejuvenated and re-inspired, to reignite our childlike curiosity, to build stronger and better connection, to explore and learn new things and become better professionals. The PSGH AGM really is the one-stop shop for all things pharmacy and this year’s promises to be better than that of previous years. I am Pharm. Naa Kyenkua Addy, and I am excited to be in attendance at this year’s PSGH AGM.

Amicus Humani Generis’’- Friends of the Human Race