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Why I will attend AGM 2018 || Josephine Mensah
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Josephine Mensah

As I sat in my hotel room overlooking the stunningly well-lit city, I could not help but wonder why on earth I should attend this year’s Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Ho. It has been such a busy first half of the year already! Come to think of it, why bother with the time and expense of a PSGH AGM while I can use that week as an opportunity to relax and unwind? As a matter of fact I have attended several CPDs, and I even have CPD credits to generously offer those who may have arears by close of year!

While these thoughts ran through my mind with the speed of Usain Bolt, it was obvious that I had to make my decision, after all I agree with the British philosopher Bertrand Russel that “nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile!"

“But what if I go?” I counter thought. Taking a few days away from all the hustle and bustle to participate in this year’s AGM certainly cannot be a waste of time. All work and no play can indisputably make Adwoa a dull girl! From all that the publicity team is propagating, it seems this year’s AGM will be fun. At least they have made mention of activities and events such as the presidential address from H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo, the mouthwatering trip to Wli waterfalls and the special stage play by Ebo Whyte’s crew which will make the conference quite interesting. I will never underestimate the power of a little excitement in the midst of interesting colleagues.

As I tried to convince myself further, a thought crossed my mind that I can actually use this year’s AGM as an opportunity to visit the Volta region for the first time. Yes, this will bring the tally of regions in the country I have visited to eight. I am cork sure my decision will really excite Sena and Selorm, courtesy of whom I heard lots of undeniably beautiful and interesting stories about the Volta region of Ghana. When I go, I mused, I will finally see the famous and breathtaking London bridge of Ghana, the Adomi bridge. I learnt the view at night is just awesome. Oh, I will definitely make time to see the impeccable Mount Afadja which is the highest point in Ghana. The decision to take a hike or not is, however, still in the pipeline. Notwithstanding, I was so certain that I will definitely visit the Tafi monkey village and the only spa by the riverside in Ghana, the enchanting Holy Trinity Health Farm and Spa at Sogakope.  Surely, I will seize the opportunity to gather courage and have a taste of the famous akple and fetri detsi for the first time at the AGM. Who knows, I will gather courage to overcome my dance phobia and try out a few steps of borborbor and agbadza dance. Hahaha, I know it will be amusing to watch, I thought. Nevertheless, I will definitely have the girls capture me on camera.

At that very moment I remembered my favourite akwaaba night; lots of music and good food! I had no doubt that this year’s akwaaba night will be any different (I hear it has been christened Woezor Night). At this year’s AGM, I will definitely look forward to eating my most-liked kyinkyinga-khebab. Mmmmm, I could feel the mere thought of it had activated the cephalic phase of gastric acid secretion in my growling tummy. Oh boy! I also recalled the exhibition by pharmaceutical companies and sponsors after the opening ceremonies of PSGH AGMs. It is always fun moving from one stand to the other. My conference bag does always get full with free samples though, I shyly admitted to myself.

It dawned upon me then that it will be in my own interest to go for this year’s AGM, since I will have the opportunity to meet people from all the various practice groups. I could actually meet old friends and colleagues I haven’t connected with in a while and make new ones too.  It will be incredible to actually meet senior colleagues I admire in the industry, people I do not have the opportunity to encounter on a normal day. I will surely take lots of selfies with them and update my WhatsApp status by the second. I can also do a lot of networking and make connections that can lead me to finding new mentors.

Most importantly, I thought, when I do go for this year’s AGM, the knowledge that will be obtained will be invaluable. I was so sure the thematic speaker from Howard University, Prof. Anthony Wutoh will do a fantastic job at inspiring us to build capacity to lead change in healthcare in Ghana. I will definitely look forward to being motivated by him and other speakers. I agree with Stephen Covey that to be a highly effective person, one has to take a break from work to sharpen his or her skills. I know that at the conference new ideas and approaches will be learnt which will make me more effective and efficient at work. I will definitely look forward to the educative breakout sessions of the various practice groups.

I realized that no two PSGH AGMs are the same, and I was by no means going to confuse this year’s conference with others I had attended. As I began that day, I was oblivious of the reason why I had to attend this year’s AGM, but at this very moment I was so sure that God-willing I will be attending because it will be an opportunity to relax from the stressful work environment and enable me know more about the Volta region of Ghana. I will also have the opportunity to network and meet people I admire in the profession. Moreover, it will provide an all important opportunity for education and continuous professional development.

So now, I will end by confidently saying “2018 PSGH AGM, here I come!! See you from 31st July to 4th August. Ho pɛɛɛɛ!!”