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AGM 2014
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2014 PSGH AGM in Koforidua
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The 2014 Annual General Meeting is coming off in Koforidua from 12th – 17tyh August 2014. The AGM is under the theme: Responsible Use of Medicine- The impact of Regulation. The main venue of the meeting is the New Capital View Hotel, Koforidua (near Koforidua Polytechnic). However the opening ceremony will take place at the ICGC (Jesus Temple) Adweso, Koforidua (near Galloway) This year’s AGM is expected to bring to bear the challenges our profession faces with respect to regulation. How is regulation affecting your practice as a pharmacist in your area of practice? Join us in koforidua to share ideas.


Koforidua is the capital of the Eastern Region. It is located in a very central part of Ghana and fairly easily accessible by all the other regions. It has fairly good roads, good weather, extremely peaceful, traffic free, having a good cultural diversity and loving people, good food. “Koftown” offers a change from the other conventional hosts.


The New Capital View Hotel Very is a very spacious Hall to host  this year’s AGM. The Hotel has:

-          Very good environment with an aesthetic appeal.

-          Several other rooms to host break out sessions for the various interest and practicing groups.

-          Adequately paved areas to host exhibitors. Standby generator for 24-hour electricity cover.


However, members will have to pack their vehicles at a very secure place just opposite the hotel where a 24 hour security . the space will also be used for our lunch.



Activities of the AGM

1.      Health Outreach Programme at Huhunya – Tuesday


This year, the Society is planning to organise this event on the first day of the conference to provide free medical care for residents  at Huhunya . Huhnya is a Community of about 1,200 people without appropriate health facilities. The community will gladly welcome pharmacists and other health professional whose show of love and care will touch their lives by this offer of free medical care.

In addition to the free medical care, children in the community are also expected to be de-wormed  Huhunya also Habours river Boti, and the famous Boti falls


The PSGH shall mobilize clinical pharmacists and other specialists for health education, counseling, consultation, dispensing and other activities for the programme and you are welcome and encouraged to be part of the few dedicated members willing to put a smile on the faces of our beloved brothers and sisters at Huhunya

2.         Akwaaba Cocktail


The Akwaaba cocktail is the first social event of the 2014 PSGH AGM. It will provide an opportunity for members who will travel from far and near meet their colleagues, register and pickup their conference materials before the opening ceremony. It will also provide a good impetus for the whole programme. Our colleagues at koforidua have promised us a lot to eat and drink. The Regional Coordinating Council is expected to host us at the residency.


  1. Opening ceremony


This will be one of the most important events of the AGM at Koforidua. The event will attract all participants, exhibitors, sponsors, dignitaries including the Hon. Minister of Health, the Omanhene of the New Juaben Traditional The Society will also use this occasion to launch its reorganized website. You cannot afford to miss this event.  Diiscussions on the main theme will take place after launch and you are expected to be present to make your voice heard.


  1. Opening Ceremony Cocktail (Governing Board Coktail)


This is the second cocktail of the AGM. The Planning Committee promises you more to

drink and eat. This event will be held at the lunch venue so that just after the discussions you

will walk across the street and treat yourself to some good music, khebab, pastries and

assorted drinks.


  1. Interest/Practice Group Meetings/AGMs & Continuing Education Session – Thursday August 14, 2014


At the 2013 conference the Society experimented the possibility of all the various practice groups holding their annual General Meetings with the PSGH AGM/Conference programmes. This will it will be repeated following the huge success in 2013. On Thursday August 15, 2014 the meeting shall break into practice groups for lectures, scientific presentations and discussions and Continuing Professional Development Programme of the PSGH for all pharmacists. Remember that your participation in this CPD programme is pre-requisite for the renewal of your PSGH membership for 2015.

The various rooms shall be labeled to help you identify your meeting venue. LAPG will hold a special session in order not to disturb the practice group meetings. There will be another cocktail dubbed Cultural Night at the Catholic Pastoral Centre (Off Koforidua/Akwadum Road. There will be Cultural Troupes and Live band performances as well as musical sessions. There will be more to eat and drink.


6.      Business Session - Friday August 15, 2014


This is one of the most important sessions of the AGM. The President and his team will sit to present their reports, accounts etc and also listen to any issues that affects your practice and pharmacy in general. You have the opportunity to table your motions for debate and vote on any matter concerning the Society. It has been realized that most of the time members do not sit in the business sessions and then ony a harmful of us take major decisions and the majority later question these decisions. What issues are bothering you pharmacy practice, fees, accounts and even the performance of the Standing Executive Committee? Come and let your concernrs be known, Let us hear your voice at the business session!


  1. Closing Banquet/Dinner Dance- Friday August 15, 2014


This is the programme that every pharmacist who attends the AGM will wait for. To encourage maximum participation, the programme will be held on Friday, the day after the opening ceremony.

Companies have the opportunity to brand and decorate the dinner venue with their logos, posters and banners. The dinner programmes and invitation cards which serve as “ticket” for entry to the dinner venue may also be produced with the sponsor’s logo and products. You will be glad to be part of this event.


  1. Fun Games – Saturday August  16, 2014


The fun games will take place on Saturday during the AGM. There will be a lot of Fun and Games at the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana Recreational Centre (Tafo) centre /Club House/Tafo Golf Course. The games lined up shall include:

Tennis/ squash/Badminton Courts, Football/Volley Ball, Swimming, other Games, Scrabble, Monopoly, Table Tennis, Playing Cards etc. The will be brass band music, branded polo shirts/t-shirts, khebabs, snack, drinks



10.     Exhibition  - Wednesday August 13 – Friday August 15, 2014


Our exhibition will offer companies the opportunity to market products and services directly to our members. The exhibition formally opens after the opening ceremony and it attracts all the dignitaries and participants to the grounds. Most companies have used our exhibitions to expand their market size. This event will last for 3 days and it is a good opportunity for you to have a direct interaction with pharmacy business managers, medical representatives and decision makers. Be part of the exhibition but do not let your quest for samples over ride the importance of participating in the various discussion, teaching and learning sessions.


  1. Health Work, Excursion and Fun Games - Saturday August 16, 2014


There will be Pharma-walk in Koforidua. The convergent point for the start of the Health Walk will be the Jackson Park in Koforidua.  The Walk will be through the principal streets of Koforidua through Srodae, Nsukwao, Effiduase, Asokore through to the New Capital View hotel. The buses for the excursion will be stationed at the New Capital View Hotel.

This will be organised as part of the social activities to expose our members to some tourist sites in the three regions up north.

There will be two groups for the purposes of the excursion.

—  Group one will visit the Akosombo  Dam   Royal Senchi Islands

—  Group Two will visit the Aburi Botanical Gardens, Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm at Mampong, i.e. the first cocoa farm in Ghana, Five Finger Palm Tree at Kwamoso and  CRIG facilities (Tafo)//Production Area their own dam which generates their own electricity for their activities.


  1. Thanksgiving Service and Departure Lunch – Sunday August 17, 2014


As part of our activites to crown the AGM, there will  be a thanksgiving service Central Auditorium of the International Central Gospel Church, Adweso Koforidua, near Galloway. It is a very welcoming protestant church that can seat about 1,500 members with a very spacious car park. The church service will be followed by a pre-departure lunch at the GNAT Hall Koforidua where various local dishes such as Omo tuo, tuo zafi, fuf and goat/green,palmnut/light/ground nut, apapransa, banku, kokonte etc will be served.