From the President's Desk - July 2016

July 2016

Dear Colleagues,

I intend to be brief ahead of the impending AGM and the opportunity it offers us to deliberate face to face on the wide range of issues bothering our noble profession.

Senior Members

The Republic Day has been a day to remember the aged and seniors. I wish to salute all our founding fathers, past Presidents, fellows and all senior members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) on the occasion of the Republic Day. Your sacrifice, hard work and dedication has bequeathed us with the profession and society we have in Ghana today. I entreat you to continue to direct, counsel and support us as we strive to build on your efforts.

Induction of Newly Qualified Pharmacists

During the last month we welcomed 351 new colleagues into our fold. I will repeat my earlier advice to the inductees to refrain from the practice of hanging licences in absentia and rather demand written contracts from all their potential employers to ensure security and proper value for their worth as Pharmacists.

I further urged them to uphold the ethics of hard work and integrity that rewards  every pharmacist who has gone ahead of them in the profession.

Our numbers are growing. With three Universities now, the ‘annual turnover’ into the profession is expected to soar within the few years ahead. This trend affirms the need to create opportunity, employment avenues and strengthen the value of the pharmacist. We certainly cannot fail this generation, yet it will neither happen suddenly nor by chance. We need strategically planned efforts to create and sustain professional value, expand industry and meet the aspirations of all the people who have aspired, toiled, and earned the enviable pride of being a pharmacist.

AGM 2016

This years Annual General Meeting dares to focus on certain fundamental issues of our practice and patient safety. Sunyani 2016 offers us an opportunity to take stock of the past year, discuss key issues of practice, and explore measures to optimize patient safety. The entire program is designed to encourage active participation and effective use of our AGM time.

I will briefly touch on certain key activities and I look forward to our maximum participation and involvement.

On the morning of Wednesday 10th August, we will present and receive reports from the Governing Board, Finance Committee and key stakeholders. We will then spend about two hours deliberating on the reports and the way forward. I will entreat all members to please be seated by 8am prompt to enable the program start on schedule.

Our special/invited guests will join us in the afternoon immediately after lunch for the grand opening ceremony.

The Young Pharmacists Forum is a novel platform to encourage participation and solicit the views of our younger colleagues in shaping their future and the future of our profession.

On Thursday, various practice groups will hold their AGMs in the morning after which the Scientific/Professional Development Sessions will follow. There are a few surprises for participating in these sessions beside the depth of knowledge that will be shared. Cultural Night takes place on Thursday evening.

I am equally passionate about Friday mornings session. The Business Session will focus on two critical documents that will lay the foundation for our collective future. The draft revised constitution and the 10-year strategic development plan will be presented and discussed at AGM for members inputs and adoption. This is our future and I look forward to a full assembly to discuss these.

Lets meet in Sunyani, lets discuss our common future and lets move forward as one profession.


I have reserved all the pressing issues and prospects in anticipation of our meeting soon. I urge you to start making arrangements for us to meet in Sunyani. It is about our future. Let us get together, plan together, and build our collective future together.

Thank you,

God Bless Pharmacy,

God Bless the PSGH,

God Bless us all