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Apothecary News, Vol 5. No. 2, April 2016
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Volume 5, Number 2, April 2016

Offei-Palm's interdiction: a case of daylight victimization
Profiles & Interviews
Make PharmD practice-based, not theoretical - Dr. Charles Anane
News Corner
Form partnerships - Pharm. Prince Addo
Pharmacy owners oppose Pharmacy Council policy on supervision
Community pharmacists critical to medicine safety monitoring - FDA
FDA impounds unwholesome drugs
PSGH-BAR petitions PSGH President over poor pharmacy regulation
Think outside the box to survive - CEO, Kinapharma
KBTH interdicts Pharm. Charles Offei-Palm
PSGH-GAR launches mentorship program
KATH abandons interns
DHP better than SP in IPT - Study
Pharmacy in Ghana: signposts to its professional maturity
Projecting community pharmacy practice
From the President's Desk
Updates on pressing issues
Pharmacists Education
Medication errors (I)
Global Health & Pharmacy News
Scale up prevention and control of diabetes
PSGH Job Placement Initiative
CPPA CPD time table released
PSGH AGM 2016 Call for Abstracts